Saturday, May 3

X to the Z

Well shiz indeed.

I potentially have one of the coolest jobs out.

On Friday I held a Kiwibank Art exhibition. It was a showcase of all the pieces done by the Kiwibank artists over the pilot phase of the project I have been running. It went down really well and I was happy to see the concerns of my CEO put to rest (as well as my own concerns!).
The art works are great - the finish is professional and the range of pieces we have is perfect. I'm really looking forward to what the rest of the project holds. That was lunch time - the evening held the prospects of an artistic edge of another kind. A number of months ago I instigated a Wearable Art Awards competition. The evening saw the culmination of the efforts from all around the business. The night went off with sassy models, drinks and chuckles aplenty. The judges were Wellington Designer Miriam Gibson, Footnote Dancer and WOW model Hannah Elks (Wifey) and me (Cos I do what I want). It was an awesome night and the WOW entries were fantastic.

So Kiwibank eh - the bank of dreams - it was an awesome day and am really thankful for the blessing of such a minter of a job!

<---- "That's Mansell - He's so hot right now.."

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*tumbleweeds roll through blog* when are you going to update - what does a girl have to do to keep up to date with her favourite ginge?