Tuesday, April 8

"I'm not alive" over and over again

What's up bloggington? Winning this fair evening?

So I had a strange experience the other day - a feeling I hadn't felt since primary school. It started simply when I stood up too fast and got that experience where - um how do I put this? - it feels like your dead or kind of like you don't exist. It was mickey. I stood there for a good 30 seconds looking at the back of my work mates head and as thought and reality finally clawed its way into my gingery perception I hoped and prayed not to fall over. It was quite a trip though as for a time I had nothing - no future, no past and I sure as sh*t had no present as I stood there wavering like a todge.

The first time I experienced this feeling was back in primary school and as I grew I learnt how to make it happen. It was a kind of focusing in really - and I would think the words - "I'm not alive" over and over again and then I would be floating - detached - gone. It's a really strange feeling and I've never heard anyone mention it before. Is it common? Does it have a name? Do Eskimos experience it? Who knows?

In other news:
Autumn is in the air - and I love it *crisp*
Charlton Heston has passed away and I have yet to hear one joke using the phrase: "Get your stinking paws of me you damn dirty ape" *disappointed*
Little yapper type dogs with bracelets, clothing and accessories are exactly whats wrong with this world *E television*

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