Thursday, August 7

Yes mam...

Time for another posty le roux my blogged up bonhomous friends.

In which direction shall I rant?

I was thinking the other day about breasts – no not in a saucy way. To be more accurate I was thinking about our culture and the notion of breast implants.

How weird I thought… I figured it would be interesting to put on the metaphorical hat of a nature channel narrator talking to a young protégé…

"They're a very interesting species – with some remarkable traits not featured in any other of the creatures of the animal kingdom. One thing I noticed about their society is the inordinate amount of attention paid to the female mammary glands known as "breasts". The males of the species in particular spend a significant amount of time admiring these glands. It's a huge part of their inter-sexual attraction, there seems to be a particularly heavy focus on breast size. So much so in fact that the female of the species will voluntarily get her breast enlarged with complex operations".

"Why is that then? Does it help them when they're having children or something?"

"Oh no no my boy – from what I can tell it is simply a male preference – the females do show an increase in their confidence after their operation – but effectively there is no productive gain from such procedures. In fact – it is considered to be quite dangerous by some and can lead to all kinds of deformities and cancer and such".

"Huh – that's really interesting".

"Tell me about it – I've been searching for logic in it but there is none – Olé my good boy – Olé"

"Olé indeed professor".

Anyway – enough about that.

Hope everyone out there is safe and sound – keep on keepin on.

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