Monday, January 28

Let me write...

So let me write for God. Let every word that pours from me be for him – his glory. How would that sound? How can a man so limited even begin to capture his glory?

I am listening to a song on my “iPod”– by whom? I know not. The name of it I know not – But it is beautiful. Composition: beautiful, masterful. It seems that I have digressed from God already- but the breath that fills the lungs of these musicians is the breath that is our God. We all have one God. And the enemy – wishes us to waste our breath. Waste it – moment to moment; with thoughts of scorn, anger, indifference, resentment and darkness. Quite often you can see the battle rage behind the eyes of someone the darkness has where he wants. Clouds of confusion – a life lost in a mist of the self. A mind filled with God is different. It Glows? Emits light? The truth transcends any kind of real grasp.

I’m sure some will disagree with these words – and that is fine – I bring not an argument or a persuasion – I bring you the truth I understand; the glory of God – Our God.


VicksVapourRub said...

Don't you think the breath that comes from the musicians comes with thanks to their parents?

Elkano said...