Thursday, January 31

CTRL + Z = easy living

Ahoy there all.
Man do I love the undo button. There has been many a time that I have completely waxed a document or image only to be saved by the beauty of Control Z. It really is glorious. In fact I feel warmed to the bone just thinking about it.

With that in mind I was thinking the other day: God made some pretty mickey shiz - But one think the creator forgot was the undo button. Imagine how much trouble could have been saved had our fair creator given us that capacity.

Jackie Onassis for example after Control Z'ing. "Hey listen John lets stay home today and have a fry up. Never mind this Dallas thing, It'll go pear shaped - There are a couple of blokes that are mighty big fans of books, but don't care so much for you. Plus I've never really been fond of the colour brain - it clashes with my hair"

Or accidental pregnancy/miracle? Control Z. Olé!!

Yesterday, I was making some custard and I burnt it (as I always do). With Control Z I could have saved some face.

So in my next prayer run... I think Ill pray for a undo button. Ask and the door will open.

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