Monday, January 28

Bullocks on Parade

Well well bloggers it's time for another jaunt through the blog looking glass. Alice is doing push ups.

After a 6 month stint in Kelburn my wife and I have moved back into our apartment: The Fletch. I lived there for 6 or 7 years and I tell you what it is slightly surreal to be back there - glorious all the same. So spacious - You could swing a bullock by the tail if one was so inclined. Olé!!!

Although it's not all proverbial s#its and gigs - We are entrenched in boxes. So much stuff. We are stunned at how much crap we have. I can't find anything - My work shirts are all crinkled as I don't have a clue where our iron is (though they are normally crinkled - I guess it's just nice to have an excuse).

Watch out rant coming up!!!
Ive decided this: Screw apostrophes. Who needs em? Seriously, if a reader cant discern text without them then they shouldnt be reading so seriously. If they cant tell that shouldnt is
shouldn't then bullocks to them.

*end rant*


VicksVapourRub said...

Apostrophe THIS!!! ' ' ' ' ' ' Nads, don't be a lazy goober and type your blog WITH ' ' ' ' ' ' ''s
Lazy arse...

theprof said...

come on Elksy, you want us to read your dribble, the least you could do is write in correctly and neatly. Not using correct punctuation is like speaking with poor grammar or enounciation.

theprof said...
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