Monday, January 21

Eds dead baby - Eds dead.

Excuse my disrespect to Sir Ed.
It is some what unintended.

Yes we've heard all the metaphors "A mountain of a man" etc etc. He was an incredible guy and from all the media coverage it seems he was also a pillar of humility. The man evidently requesting no statues of memorial.
Then why the monstrous state funeral? The more I think on it the firmer I come to think that Edmund wouldn't have wanted all the fuss that has gone on. I don't think he would of minded the Queen or one of her minions not sliding over here for it either.
The man always seemed to know what mattered and what was expendable.
Why don't we? Dunno.

So anyway heres a toast to Sir Ed - and minter of a man - and all he gave to the needy of the world. Whether it be physically, emotionally or inspirationally.

God bless the man.

And with an essence of hypocrisy to my previous claims here is a picture I designed in his memoriam. Excuse the minor flaws.

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Dazza said...

I agree re the hoopla. The Edster would have been happy just knowing a few glasses were raised and a few heartfelt "On ya"s muttered.
Righto off to read the rest of your blog..busy busy