Monday, December 17

Tueday - 2 more days till break time

Ahoy there Blogsville.
I am currently at work... I should be working... But Im not - I'm typing this blog entry...Ummmmers Im telling!!!!

*Im currently listening to 'Straight lines' by Silver Chair*
Sure it's poppier than their older stuff - but dang it's an accomplished track. Brilliant. His vocals - mellifluous - the song progression smooth and builds brilliantly

*Work mates outburst in background - giggling about something or other*

So as the title indicates I am close to the end. It is almost Christmas break - a time to bask in the glorious summer that New Zealand yearly proffers up. And it has been a mint little build up - Daily sun and close to the hottest December on record.
*on comes 'Take a bow' by Muse* Brilliant - for reasons similar to those mentioned for Straight Lines.

The Friday night work Christmas antics went down nicely. MCing was great - I had a ball. It all culminated nicely at the end of the night with me singing "Wonderwall" to the whole of Kiwibank. I bloody loved it. Not sure how it happened - but other people enjoyed it so no complaining.

*Work mates start discussing Hell pizza again*
We were going to exploit their free online delivery Tuesday deal - however a meeting has popped up and it looks like there will be no pizza today. Gaytown.

*Bomb track by Rage Against the Machine comes on*
Receptionists clamour around my desk, delivering a Christmas card and a Kiwibank cap.
My card is signed by Sam Knowles (CEO) and says: "Thanks for the great ideas". Nice.

Right - back to work - oh look Lunch time. Very handy.

Have a minty day blogsville.

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