Tuesday, December 18

The Ginge that stole Christmas.

Well well today is my last day at Kiwibank before my holiday break- and dang I could use it! I'm bloody cream crackered (thats cockney rhyming slang for knackered by the way). It should be great. I'm off to the coast with Hannah on Friday - Glorious Riversdale. Ill bet you a tenner and a packet of peanuts it rains. Your on!

There is a Christmas decoration competition going on at the moment. My fellow desk mates and I have chosen the theme of The Grinch that Stole Christmas. Currently in the middle of desks we have a 'dead' Santa Claus. It is quite the gruesome sight with the knife sticking out his back. He lays still in a sea of chocolate wrappers...

*Work mate Mansell sidles over to my desk and challenges me to a game of Connect Four - I beat him and send him on his way*

There are also broken Christmas decorations all over the place and wanted posters. I am wanted for feeding laxatives to Santa's reindeer. Solid.

Adios - and Merry Christmas!!!

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