Thursday, December 13

Okay so here I am.

Okay so here I am.

My first actual blog.

So today I have a stupendously busy day ahead. I really don’t know how I get myself involved with these kinds of antics – Sometimes I wish I was a little more normal.

A) At 1pm I have a presentation to the “Executive Team” of Kiwibank regarding an art project I have been working on. To be honest I am completely out of my depth with this one and it should be a laugh. We’ll see. I know my stuff which is a bonus – the key area of concern is the questions they will fire at me. Should be fun.

B) And at the other end of the presentation spectrum - Me and my Clan Destine work mates are “MCing” the Kiwibank Christmas party. We’ve got a few gags lined up and a gorilla suit and an ode to Bruce Thompson – the Thompsonator. I am currently pondering how I can get the old “is that a banana in your pocket or you just happy to see me” gag. A bit of innuendo always goes down nicely.

So between those 2 things and my actual job today should be busy. Although not busy enough for me to quickly faff out a quick blog entry.

Ole! Su madre usa cargadores del combate en la ducha! Ole!


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