Sunday, June 3

The Ouroboros Project #21 - The Day

Not really a Sunday,
like you would have thought,
like you would have been lead to believe,
but then again, that is the past,
and a piece of me goes “argh,” as they leave,
not a bad “argh,”
quite a good “argh,”
sometimes it is good to remember where you are from,
where we have been, together,
kind of,
and in the photos his face is a miracle to me,
I meet him once in my childhood, infant hood,
Ever present smile,
Hers is there too, her smile, but not today,
it's gone today
I wish I were there too to help her smile.
Maybe a reflection would show her the truth again,
The truth that was brutally taken from her, 
so quickly, so slowly snatched,
it had better not be forever.

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