Sunday, June 3

The Ouroboros Project #20 - The Sleep

{Saturday Jun 2nd}

Awoke a day late. 
Slept through an argument I was supposed to apologize for. 
“I’m sorry you’re hurt,” it went, “but I’m not sorry to have said those things.” 
Said it to the cloud in me, my eyes. 
No, not sorry, mainly because they, the words, rang truer than the sound of a waterfall slowly crushing rocks into oblivion. 
Slowly falling from the river’s of the past. 
But what do rocks know, anyway? 
Words heavier than the galaxy; 
sorry; heavier than the black draped fabric weighing down the mortal soul; 
heap abrasive wool scratching the back of significance. 
So, yes, I was sorry for hurting you. 
It went. 
But I wasn’t sorry to have said those things. 
There I go.

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