Thursday, August 14

Grilled up

So one of the pieces of art I've been doing is an old barbecue grill.
Check it out - I'm chuffed at how alike to a real grill it is.

People seem to think is made of cast iron - but no! Its balsa and modeling paste and mortar.
It measures about 1.01 x 1.05m.

What's it for I hear you call? I'll tell you some other time - the piece of art is called "The BBQ test", it will be mounted on a board and hung in a meeting room here at KB. Bam!

1 comment:

Toolman said...

Dang fulla! That looks like an authentic grill to me - makes me wanna throw on some jandals, get a cold drink and sit on the lawn, and cook up a mean BBQ :)

Nice work.