Wednesday, August 20

Dirty Ginger Mullet

So here's the latest.

I run the Social Club here at Kiwibank (although we call it the "Social Syndicate" – cos it's more dangerous sounding).

This Friday we have the annual Kiwibank Bogan Friday. You can guess it- we have drinks such as Castle Point Swappa beer and everyone dresses in appropriately horrific dark bogan attire… But this year there's a twist!

We're raising funds for the Child Cancer Foundation (CCF) and we are doing so by having targets…. and hair cuts.

That's right.

If we raise $500 my good friend Callum will have his 56cm long hair cut off

If we raise $1000 Callum will get a mullet

If we raise $1500 I will get a spectacular ginger mullet

If we raise $2000 my friend Sarah will get a (fe)mullet

Thus far we have $600 raised and people are collecting more as we speak!
So there you have – This is Brendan Elks reporting from Wellington and looking down the barrel of a ginger mullet….

Oh and check this image – A Wellington winter – *I love this city*

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