Saturday, July 25


Pt i

Meteor comes to earth, dragging heaven in her wake; No sound, no silence, no breath for she has begun the long journey, yet again.

She meets no foes yet the tides succumb, then wrath and devastation and new wakes are born; wake upon wake, countless and dreary.

“Breathe,” she says, “breathe,” forlorn, in cycle, her womb renewed. She’s been here before, flashes ago, immemorial but to the few that sent her, again and again, trial after trial, refining the days, so long on her quest.

Down they echo through birth, through succour, through black breaking waves crushing the coasts, the rocks giving way, planets incubate.

The foundling, the newborn, sloshes, ebbing and flowing, like eternity until the heavens follow, sprouting, forth, they are risen again, flashing. In. Out. In. Out. On and on into eternity.

Dawn breaks and for a moment, the hum subsides and our frequencies are born, our pneuma, innumerable, yet one.

Where does it all come from, the death hanging, skeletal and dreary amongst the new greens, new blues, new blooms?

You fed me, loved me, opened my eyes and look what you made me do.
You joined me, knew me, chewed pieces of my flesh, and look what you made me do.

Where does the fight take place, the sounds of sword on shields, crumbling ramparts, decay before salvation, echoing.

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