Monday, December 30


Why? Because there is a reckoning, and my eyes widen, as does my smile, as I realize this is reality. Something real. We believe.

Why? Because I see the universe in her eyes, all that has gone before; all that will run on. It all sits there in her eyes. Our universe.

Why? Because I am the truest I have been in a long time. The fullest. At my zenith. Her too, I can see her. Our zenith.

Why? Because I feel the cool breeze on my face when we laugh, something new, a zephyr of our new land forged. Our frontier.

Why? Because we will walk onward into the new frontier, ever onward, together. Our journey.

Why? Because once I felt I might never dance again, or maybe I would dance alone. We shall dance on and on and on. Our dance.

Why? Because when we eat and drink, we dine like it is the food of gods. So rich and sweet, milk and honey be damned, for what we consume is ambrosia. Our divinity.

Why? Because when we are together we are gods, spirits entwined, eternal, biological, a culmination of man, woman and existence. Our love.

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