Wednesday, October 30


If love were a flower, where would it grow?
High on a mountain where the cold winds blow.
Amongst the crags and the peaks and the dust.
Wedged between boulders on lonesome outcrops.

Would birds fly on by and perch for a time,
singing a song in response to love’s smile 
Then flutter away, up with the dust
Down cross the valleys, and rivers and such

When the wind rushed, would the petals a dance?
Open and close at the sun’s molten prance
Tapped and battered in the iciest rains,
Resting in slumber when things become grave.

If love were a flower, would it wish away days
Lost in the mist, lost in the rain, 
If love were forever, who would retreat?
to the mountains, the mountains, blossom unneeded.

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