Monday, June 25


{23rd June}

And in this time there will be much comfort, juxtaposed with much suffering, not of a physical kind.
Mindlessly the age will chatter with knowledge and wisdom; the lies sewn amongst the undergrowth shall sprout wings and spawn anew, mutated into something soon forgotten.
People will love themselves and no value will be placed on communications; on the word, the very power of a word.
Commodity will be as the great flood and they shall drown in its bloody glory.
People will slander one another and their ever-loving souls will be weakened and become fueled by a secret hatred of their own inadequacy; secretly, unknowingly they will lust for the truth, as always; the word and the light. 
Conversely, they will fruitlessly grab at everything that a sentient demon passes before their eyes; and effortlessly they will hold on as they are battered by the endless tumult.

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