Wednesday, May 30

The Ouroboros Project #17 - The Bridge

{Barely a poem. But then again, read it!}

Yeah, I enjoyed it, but it was one of those stories with the ‘grass is greener’ type narratives, ya know? And it got me thinking this: So what? The grass is luscious over there - go for it. It made me wonder if the troll from the three BGG anecdote was actually the narrator’s efforts to ward us away from any adventure that may lead us from unhappiness to relish. I mean, you wouldn’t want to risk your life while being alive, of course. But another of course, the metaphor holds true, I suppose. But it makes me wonder if many a rugged man of yore died eviscerated by rhinoceros happier than him who lived to 90, tea and scone in hand.

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