Wednesday, May 9


Man. Have we ever understood him? The depths - The savagery. 

There is villainy. There is light. There is a flood of unconsciousness. Because sometimes it is hard to be a man. Not hard in any tangible way.

In fact, Culture would say men have it easy, but in the shadow of every man lies a beast - one not prone to rearing its head in the valley of woman - one incomprehensible to any but the will of a man's own soul.

The animal sleeps, sometimes, head down, but ears aware - ready for action - ready to roar into action and devour its own innards.

Thousands of years of cultural evolution and still we lynch our brother, rape our sister and scatter our mind like a man sweeping leaves in a gale.

There is no control - only its myth.

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Toolman said...

Indeed... Rawr !