Saturday, January 30

These electric words iv

I'd say this text refers to this blog.

“And so how did you come up with the idea for a… /Looks at clip board for the correct word/ ‘wicker tuffin’ that releases birds as a defensive agent?” said the interviewer grimly.

“Well to be honest I’m not entirely sure. I’m pretty sure I didn’t plagiarize it if that’s what you’re insinuating.” Said Brendan-Gus admirably

“Oh no – no not at all – just wondering where you came up with the concept” Said the interviewer radiantly.

“I am not sure to be honest – I think I came up with it whilst… /looks at clip board for the correct words/ falling to sleep one night” Said Brendan-Gus, coldly.

/interviewer nods - he’s very interested - then looks at his clipboard for the next question/ “ So tell us about where this small text is set Bren-Gus” said the interviewer naively. “What is going on there?”

“Well I’ve always had this fascination with the post apocalyptic world – not your barren Madmax kind of Waterworld future. I’ve always been more interested in how people of the Western excess would deal with the fact that they are now so softened by comfort that they have lost almost all survival instincts. This explores that”. Brendan-Gus said as if newly and totally immersed in his own notions /he then nods as if deciding something and smiles at the interviewer as if he forgot about his presence momentarily/.

“Interesting,” the interviewer wailed “Do go on”

“Thanks. It’s not a social statement or anything. It’s just what I see as the truth. I know one thing- if I were cast out into a survival type scenario. I would struggle. Well initially anyway. I would have to adapt – learn. But it’s more than just the physical barrier of survival it’s the mental facet too. I can imagine many people simply not being able to function without that familiar comfort. I think that is interesting. I believe this excess of comfort is quite bad for us – depression levels are always higher amongst those that having nothing to live for. We should be living to survive – not living to make payments on a personal loan or in a rabid hunt for excess” said Brendan-Gus vulgarly.

/confusion pops on to the interviewers face/ “Wait isn’t that then a statement you’re making about society? That we’re soft and spoiled?” Said the interviewer charmingly.

“Well no actually because I don’t give a sh*t if people hear this message or not. I’m not a modern Jonas – it’s just what I think” said Brendan-Gus plaintively.

“Hmmm, so if you were told to or felt motioned to you would preach* about this human status?” said the interviewer patiently.

“I’m not sure. Who can know how you would react when a) you’re confronted with the truth and b) confronted by not only the command of God – but the will of God. Look how Jonas rolled with it. He legged it - ran off. Thus I imagine being face to face with the will of God is a terrifying thing.” Said Brendan-Gus joyously.

“Perhaps like being devoured by twenty odd hungry screaming hawks?” said the interviewer emotionally.

/Brendan-Gus nods and chuckles/

“Oh I know what it reminds me of!” said the interviewer clapping his hands like a preacher with a banjo on his knee teaching rhythm to the young, “The Birds - it reminds me of that Hitchcock movie The Birds”.

“Yes. True. I haven’t seen it in a while but yes I guess the savagery of the birds is very much a similar theme. I used to be scared rigid of birds when I was young. I remember feeding big flocks of them as a kid and been very scared” said Brendan-gus nomadically. “These days I… /looks at clipboard for the correct word/ love them. Wondrous creatures”.

“Indeed” said the interviewer nodding sardonically. “What if it’s not a terrifying thing though?”

“Being confronted by the will of god?” said Brendan-Gus sensibly. “Well I think it would be a shock thing. You’d be forced to take into account the bigger picture – the realization that you are in communication with the “God”. You’d have the starkness of all that brings, as the word “God” has connotations of omnipotence, control and all those other things. And not only that, you would have a feeling that you are evidently in the right place if you’re receiving that communication. Maybe? Then I guess the fear would become of being without. What do you reckon?” Brendan-gus asked inconsistently.

“Dunno but it’s all very interesting point. Okay so next question. /looks at clipboard for the next question/”.

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