Wednesday, January 16

Rainbow poop

A new year ! The new day cometh!

...I'm back at work. Crashing into a reality like a cold sloppy milkshake splashed across the mush.

My initial metaphor for the return to work was going to be a thunder head with a crash of lightening. But it's an exciting year ahead so I have decided to go for the optimistic metaphor of a unicorn running through a dazzling sunlit meadow. Very positive indeed. However, the metaphor twists when the unicorn poops a rainbow coloured pile of horse manure and puts on a t-shirt saying: "Will whale for food"

Crap metaphors aside - it's an exciting new year. With so many prospects as I forge a new project within a newish business. In fact- I'd say the Project is without precedent in the financial sector and maybe in New Zealand. Ole!

My wife Hannah is also in a great place this year and will be choreographing a piece for the dance company Footnote.

So could this be the year the Elks' leave an indelible mark on the world of Wellington?


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